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Make every effort to build a green, safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, technology-based enterprise

Economic responsibility, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility are what every enterprise must undertake, especially environmental responsibility and social responsibility are very important. Onpress has always attached great importance to the construction of safety and environmental protection, and took the road of sustainable development. We spent a lot of resources, established a professional team, introduced advanced technology, continuously optimized the process flow, improved the waste water, waste gas and solid waste treatment technology, and carried out source reduction. Waste and clean production, to build a green, safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving enterprise, and strive to contribute to economic growth while laying a solid foundation for its own sustainable development. We have been rated as "Green Environmental Protection Demonstration Enterprise" for many years. The title of "Excellent Unit of Environmental and Cultural Construction in Guangdong Province" and "Cleaner Production Enterprise"
  A. Green and Environmentally Friendly Investment Projects
  1. Catalytic combustion treatment plan
  2. Catalytic combustion process diagram
  3. Others
  B. Green and Environmentally Friendly Enterprise Announcement
  1. Environmental information disclosure
  2. Sewage license
  3. Emergency plan for environmental emergencies
  4. Soil Monitoring Report
  5. Environmental Assessment approval for production expansion
  6. Soil pollution hidden danger investigation
  7. Annual Environmental Monitoring Report
  C. Social Responsibility, Corporate Honor
  1. Awarded the Best Customer in International Settlement by Bank of China
  2. Obtained the Guangdong-Hong Kong Cleaner Production Superior Partner (Manufacturing)
  3. Obtained the title of Caring Enterprise for the Disabled
  4. Obtained Heshan Excellent Enterprise in Safety Production
  5. Obtained Jiangmen Water-saving Enterprise